TM taught to girls at risk through Somaly Mam Foundation

Somaly Mam is very well known in the US and working Internationally to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking. GMDO – the TM organisation working with women – is teaching TM through two organisations in Cambodia – The Somaly Mam Foundation and Acting for Women in Distressing Circumstances (AFESIP)
Somaly Mam is a survivor of sex slavery and a leader in the fight to end it. Born into a tribal minority family in Cambodia, she was sold at a young age and endured years of exploitation and abuse in the brothels of Phnom Penh. She managed to escape, and vowed never to forget those she left behind. In 1996, Somaly founded Cambodian NGO AFESIP, and since has aided tens of thousands of victims in knowing their rights and having a voice and a choice in their lives. Her shelters for recovery, general education and skills training take a holistic approach to ensure that hundreds of women and children each year can recover and face the future with hope. The Somaly Mam Foundation is a non-profit founded in 2007 to support these shelters, empower survivors as agents of next-generation change, and engage governments, corporations, and individuals in the fight to end slavery.

During the past six months, three Cambodian TM teachers have taught TM to Somaly Mam and over 240 residents, staff, and administrators in AFESIP’s three shelters. Since learning TM, the girls have reported significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts; increased calm, happiness, and peace of mind; and improved memory, clarity of thinking, and focus.