Join Our Transcendental Meditation Classes in Hobart

Imagine a life full of happiness and free from stress.

Learning Transcendental Meditation (TM) is the best decision you can make for smooth, holistic personal development. Learnt by more than 6 million people across the globe, it is simple, natural and easy, so why wait!

Over 350, peer-reviewed, scientific research studies have proven TM to be the most effective mental technique for health and self-development.

Meditators say they have less stress and more energy, they sleep better and are more creative, their relationships are happier and they see powerful results in business and study – and these are only a few of the amazing benefits that are consistently experienced.

Where can I find meditation courses in Hobart?

The Teaching Centre is in Woodbridge just 40 minutes south of Hobart. The first meeting is an obligation free introductory session, which is scheduled by arrangement. From there, meditators can join a preparatory lecture and personal interview, followed by a comprehensive course held over four consecutive days.

Check out the ‘Learn in Tasmania’ page of our website to find out more about our local transcendental meditation classes.

Information Sessions

Introductory Information sessions are scheduled by arrangement, contact us

Courses are held at the Centre regularly throughout the year at convenient times to suit all schedules.

TM classes in Launceston and Regional Tasmania

Those from the north of the State who wish to learn TM are encouraged to plan 5-6 days in the south to attend a course, contact us.

Meditation courses are also available across mainland Australia, from Sydney to Perth to Cairns and everywhere in between. To find a practitioner near you, call 1300 702 937.

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