Find Your Inner Peace with Transcendental Meditation Classes in Inner West Sydney

A simple path to inner peace, reduced stress and greater clarity of mind, Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple mental technique that is easy to learn for children and adults alike.

Practised while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, the mind settles down to a quieter level of thought – allowing you to experience a state of restful alertness. The result is enhanced energy, creativity and inner calm.

Validated by scientific research, this practice is effortless, natural and delivers a range of benefits to people from all walks of life. These benefits may include better health, reduced stress and anxiety, greater creativity and clarity of mind, improved sleep, better self-esteem and improved energy and motivation.

Meditation courses are suited to both individuals and businesses

Transcendental Meditation classes are suited to a wide range of participants; anyone can benefit from this method. Courses are available to residents of Sydney’s inner west, including individuals, groups and even businesses who want to improve staff wellbeing. From a business perspective, TM is an excellent professional development program. It works to increase creativity and decrease stress, thus assisting productivity.

This mental technique is also suited to children; from the ages of four to ten they can practise the ‘walking technique’, before progressing to the ‘sitting technique’ as they mature. Generally, children enjoy this form of meditation and find it relaxing.

Searching for TM classes with a certified practitioner?

Meditation courses are available in inner west Sydney and are run by certified women teachers. Free introductory talks are available for those who are new to this technique; if you wish to learn, we offer comprehensive courses that span four consecutive days. These courses are designed to teach you how to meditate, so you can continue this practice on a daily basis.

For those who live in other parts of Australia, there are certified TM teachers across the country – from Adelaide to Perth and everywhere in between.