Transcendental Meditation in Sydney and regional NSW

Cathy Knoles has been teaching Transcendental Meditation® in Sydney for more than thirty years and is committed to holding classes and giving introductory talks and courses of instruction in the technique of TM to women and girls.

“Every woman needs to have this wonderful technique to reduce stress, minimise anxiety and have more peace of mind and therefore more enjoyment of life,” she says. “We all lead demanding lives, and want to enjoy challenges the without losing the balance between work and home life. Balance is what’s important.”

We hold regular free introductory talks about TM by appointment. This first talk explains all the benefits and latest information about new research and gives you the opportunity to ask questions.
See: Attend a TM Introductory Talk

The next step is to learn the technique in a four-day course – that is, for about one to one and a half hours a day for four consecutive days. Once you have learned you have the technique for life – which gives you an assured method for stress reduction and growth of happiness throughout life – a perfect balance of mental and physical well-being.
See: What is Transcendental Meditation

We are also interested to contact women’s groups and organisations and to explain the wide range of benefits this program offers to women in all areas of life.

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