Transcendental Meditation Classes for Perth Locals

Claire Molyneux has been a Certified Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® Technique for 27 years.

Claire learned TM while she was an architecture student at The University of Western Australia, and was immediately impressed by the effect of greater inner peace, happiness and increased physical energy that she gained. She decided to become a TM Teacher and bring these benefits to others.

Since completing her Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Spain in 1993, Claire has taught TM in Perth, the Southwest and Melbourne to people of all ages and backgrounds in life. The delight in seeing people benefit from TM in the first few days of learning the technique continues to inspire her to teach today.

In Western Australia there are several women TM Teachers who have completed the same comprehensive training to become teachers and who have collectively taught TM to many thousands of people here since the 1970s. Our training and our connection to the source of this knowledge – the tradition of teachers who have passed on the knowledge of TM in its purity – is the key to ensuring that all who learn TM gain its many well-documented benefits.

Claire has also spent 8 years working on a number of teaching related projects in Europe and in the USA. She completed research into the benefits to society of large numbers of people practising TM and the advanced TM-Sidhi Program together. She gained further knowledge of cognate areas such as Maharishi Ayur Veda and Maharishi Sthapatya Veda – which offer approaches to improving well-being and success in life through natural health-care and architectural design and city planning, respectively.

Claire is particularly passionate about the effects of increasing peace in both the individual and the world through simply adding 20 minutes of TM, twice a day, into one’s life.

For more information about how to learn Transcendental Meditation in Subiaco, East Fremantle, Bunbury and the Southwest: contact Claire at

A free Introductory Talk is the best way to hear more about the benefits of practising TM, how it is taught, how it differs from other meditation techniques – and gives you an opportunity to meet a TM Teacher and ask any questions that you might have. Call 0439 096 743 to enquire about attending one near you.