Coherence Creating Community, Hastings

I have been teaching Transcendental Meditation since the 1970’s, and on the Mornington Peninsula since 1984. My main focus now is the establishment of a Coherence Creating Group. Let me explain:

Transcendental Meditation comes from the ancient Vedic tradition. TM creates coherent brain functioning giving greater clarity of mind even after meditation. In places where sufficient people practise TM, this effect of coherence spreads throughout society, bringing benefits for the community. (see or for fuller explanation and scientific research)

The most profound effect of coherence is generated by the group practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced aspect, TM-Sidhi program. Group practice of TM and the TM-sidhi program is the technology for establishing and maintaining World Peace.

For this purpose permanent Peace Creating Groups are being established throughout the world. One such group is coming together in Hastings, Victoria. The location and layout of Hastings are known, from ancient Vedic principles, to be in close accordance with life-supporting Natural Law and further enhance the coherence-creating effect of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-sidhi program.

This is why my prime focus is on the growing TM community in Hastings. However, I also continue to teach the initial course of Transcendental Meditation to any interested in learning. I also provide on-going follow-up. I find it a great joy to teach TM in the enhanced environment of the Coherence Creating Centre in Hastings. Those who learn here enjoy the feeling that they both benefit from and contribute to this increased coherence.

Please ring

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