Learn Transcendental Meditation in Albury – Wodonga

Transcendental Meditation Benefits Women & Girls

Health and happiness come from within, with balance of mind and body.

Transcendental Meditation is Simple, Easy & Natural

TM involves no concentration whatsoever, no effort at all.

Trained Women Teachers

The practice is simple but precise. It is important that you are taught by a trained qualified TM teacher. You can’t learn from a book or online. Women are taught by women TM Teachers.

The results of TM are proven

Transcendental Meditation has been learnt by over 6 million people around the world. Over 350 peer reviewed scientific studies have documented the benefits.

Attend a free info seminar to learn more about TM and have your questions answered.

Discover all the benefits of TM and how it can enhance your life.

tickHow TM creates inner happiness and peace
tickHow TM gives you better health, better sleep
tickWhy TM is effective for reducing stress and anxiety
tickHow TM increases your confidence and creativity
tickHow TM improves brain function & memory

Learn the mechanics of the TM technique – how it works, why it is easy to learn and effortless to practise, how it is different from other forms of meditation, and the origins of the technique.

The Introduction to Transcendental Meditation is free.
Please book The Introduction to Transcendental Meditation here or call Meredith on 0414 796 846.

TM for Business

For business owners, managers and contractors, the Transcendental Meditation program is the best professional development program available for you and your staff – to increase productivity, creativity and enhance both job satisfaction and workplace relations.

TM for Mothers and those who care for others

For mothers and those who care for others such as doctors, nurses, health care professionals and teachers Transcendental Meditation is the best personal development technique available for you to reduce stress, ease anxieties, calm the mind and to be more caring and patient with those you care for.

Please book to attend an Introduction to Transcendental Meditation here or call Meredith on 0414 796 846.