Learn to Meditate Effortlessly with Transcendental Meditation Classes in Adelaide

Transcendental Meditation® (TM) is an effortless meditation technique practised for a few minutes morning and evening whilst sitting comfortably. You can easily learn this technique. Your first step is to hear a FREE introductory talk.

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Meditation courses in the Southern Adelaide Region

Heather Lorenzon has had many decades of experience teaching the TM technique. She runs programs especially tailored for women and children and is based in the Southern Adelaide Region.

Heather says, ‘Women notice benefits right from the first few days when they start to practise TM.’

They find that:

IT’S EASY – They can’t believe how easy it is, especially if they have been practising other forms of meditation.

Meditation classes deliver benefits to the mind, emotions and physiology

Here are some of the most common benefits women notice:

  • They handle stress better
  • They feel more mentally alert
  • They feel happier within themselves,
  • They feel more relaxed
  • They experience better sleep
  • Relationships with their friends and family improve


Children enjoy Transcendental Meditation

Classes for Children

Children from the age of 4 years old can learn to practise TM. Until the age of 10 years they practise what is known as a ‘walking’ technique which is practised while walking or playing. From the age of 10 they can learn the sitting technique. Children who practise TM say it makes them feel more relaxed and they enjoy doing it. It is particularly effective for children with ADHD or ADD. Children are better able to focus and have better organisation of memory.
Quiet time for the student with ADHD


More Information on TM

Transcendental Meditation classes are not just available to the residents of Adelaide; there are certified practitioners that offer courses Australia wide. From Sydney to Perth, it is likely there are meditation courses near you.